Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

Upholstery Cleaning FAQ

Why Should I Have My Upholstered Items Professionally Cleaned?

Having your upholstery professionally cleaned can effectively eliminate grime, dust, dirt, allergens, dust mites, stains, and odors, resulting in furniture that looks and smells fresh. Furthermore, this service can help extend the lifespan of your furniture by removing dry particles from the upholstery fibers, which can cause the fibers to dull and appear dirty when rubbed and scrubbed together.

How Often Do Upholstery Manufacturers Recommend Cleaning Furniture Items?

For optimal furniture upkeep and to avoid an accumulation of dirt, it is advisable to opt for professional upholstery cleaning every 6 to 12 months. In certain scenarios, the utilization of fabric protectors or stain guards could marginally extend this interval.

How Do You Clean Upholstery?

From Dark To Light Carpet & Upholstery Care adheres to strict procedures for cleaning. Our approach involves vacuuming the furniture before applying pre-spray, which is a chemical that helps to bring all the dirt to the surface. Next, we agitate the pre-spray by brushing everything, which then forces the bond between dirt and fibers to release. After that, we rinse the fibers with hot water extraction or cleaning solution that lifts dirt and grime from the surface and immediately extracts it with a powerful vacuum. Our process is gentle on fibers and enables a shorter drying time.

Do You Clean Leather Upholstery?

Cleaning leather upholstery is necessary just like any other type of upholstery. To avoid causing permanent damage, it is best to hire a professional cleaning company since leather is a sensitive material. It is crucial to use professional-grade 2-step cleaners which include protection balm as part of the cleaning process.

Do You Offer Protection or a Stain Guard?

Our company does provide fabric protection services, which include stain repellent and Scotchgard application. These chemicals function as soil retardants by reducing the electric potential of upholstery surfaces, thus minimizing the accumulation of dirt and pollutants. Additionally, spills can be easily removed with a plain white cloth or paper towel.

How Long Does It Take for Upholstery to Dry After You Clean It?

The amount of water required to clean furniture depends on the level of soil and dirt present. If the furniture is dirtier, more water will be needed. Additionally, the type of fibers in your upholstery also affects the cleaning process. Natural materials tend to be more hydrophilic, meaning they absorb water better and require more time to dry. After hot water extraction, it typically takes between 2 to 6 hours for the upholstery to dry, but it should never take longer than 24 hours. To speed up the drying process, air movers can be used whenever possible and necessary.

How Can I Speed Up the Drying Time?

When cleaning upholstery, it’s common for the fabric and underlying areas to become damp. Therefore, it’s important to prioritize drying the furniture as quickly as possible. One way to speed up this process is to increase airflow and warmth. This can be achieved by turning on air conditioning, ceiling fans, regular fans, or even using professional air movers. Additionally, opening windows and balcony doors to create a draft can also help dry the furniture more quickly.

How to Prepare for Your Arrival?

We kindly suggest vacuuming the area before our arrival to ensure the best cleaning results. Over 80% of the dirt is made up of dry particles that cannot be dissolved, and dry vacuuming is the most effective solution. Please remove all small items from the floor and furniture, including lamps, plants, electronics, and fragile objects, and store them safely to avoid any potential damage. We can move most furniture, such as tables, chairs, and sofas. We ask that you provide us with a legal parking spot upon our arrival and clear any snow or ice from the path leading to your front door. It is also a good idea to create a clear path from the front door to the room that needs cleaning. To ensure the safety and comfort of your pets, we recommend finding a secure place for them during the cleaning process. Our equipment can be loud and disruptive for furry friends, and we may need to step out frequently.

Carpet Cleaning FAQ

How Long Will It Take to Have My Carpets Cleaned?

The duration of carpet cleaning in your home or business is influenced by factors such as the size of the carpeted area, the type of carpet, the cleaning technique used, and the degree of soiling. In general, basic cleaning takes about 20 minutes per room while restorative cleaning takes approximately 30 minutes per room. Please note that we require time to set up and break down our equipment before and after the cleaning process.

Is There Going to Be a Disruption in My Business Because of Carpet Cleaning?

Our carpet cleaning company is committed to minimizing the disruption to your business operations. We work around your schedule and utilize equipment and techniques that allow carpets to dry quickly. For your convenience, we also offer after-hours or weekend services.

How Often Should I Get My Carpets Professionally Cleaned?

Several factors, such as the amount of foot traffic, the presence of animals or children, the type of carpet, and the manufacturer’s recommendations, determine the frequency of professional carpet cleaning. Nevertheless, it is generally recommended that the carpets are professionally cleaned at least every year or more frequently if they have been excessively soiled or stained.

What Is Your Way of Cleaning the Carpet?

A variety of methods for professionally cleaning carpets may be used, but hot water extraction is the most common and efficient method. It involves spraying hot water or cleaning solution onto the carpet fibers, which is then extracted by a powerful vacuum, so it removes it as well as dirt and debris. This method can remove as much as 95% of the moisture from the carpet, leaving it clean and dry. We offer a very low moisture (VLM) method of carpet cleaning, too. This method works well when drying time is the priority.

What Are Some Benefits of Regular Carpet Cleaning?

Keeping your carpets clean has numerous advantages for your home or business. It can help extend the lifespan of your carpet by preventing damage to the fibers, enhance its appearance and texture by removing stains and odors, improve indoor air quality by eliminating allergens and bacteria, and create a healthier and more comfortable environment for your family or employees.

When Will It Be Safe to Walk on My Carpet?

Although you can walk on your carpet immediately after cleaning, we recommend limiting foot traffic until it is completely dry for optimal results. In case you cannot avoid walking on the clean carpet, we will provide you with some shoe covers.

Do You Know If the Products You Are Using Are Safe for Me and My Family?

We are proud to use the top-rated cleaning products in the world, ensuring unparalleled quality in every job we do. Our products are safe for pets and children, non-toxic, biodegradable, and free of phosphates.

Will There Be an Odor?

Rest assured, there will not be any unpleasant smell left behind after your carpets are cleaned. Professional carpet cleaners use eco-friendly cleaning solutions that leave a refreshing scent in the air.

Is Professional Carpet Cleaning Expensive?

The price of getting your carpets cleaned professionally varies depending on different factors such as their size, current state, cleaning method used, and the service provider’s location. It is important to note that investing in professional carpet cleaning is beneficial in preventing your carpets from wearing out too soon, which can ultimately save you money in the long run.

If the Spots Reappear, What Should I Do?

It is possible for spots to reappear on a carpet even after cleaning. This can happen due to wicking or re-soiling. Wicking is when a stain moves up from the carpet’s backing or padding after cleaning. Re-soiling happens when the residue from a stain attracts more dirt over time. To prevent these issues avoid walking on wet carpets until they are fully dry. If such an occurrence takes place, kindly reach out to us, and we will gladly provide a re-cleaning service.

Do You Offer a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee for Your Services?

When hiring a professional carpet cleaner, it is important to ensure they offer a satisfaction guarantee that covers any potential issues that may arise post-service. In the event that you are unsatisfied with the outcome of our cleaning, it is recommended that you reach out to us within a reasonable timeframe to request a re-cleaning. We will be happy to redo it for you.

Do You Steam-Clean Carpets?

Hot water extraction is commonly referred to as steam cleaning and is recognized as a highly efficient carpet cleaning method. By utilizing hot water and a robust vacuum, steam cleaning can effectively eliminate deep-seated dirt and allergens from within the carpet fibers.

Can Your Services Help Me With My Allergies?

Cleaning your carpet and furniture can effectively eliminate pollutants, resulting in a healthier and breathable environment and helping you with allergies.

Can You Remove All My Stains?

We would like to clarify the difference between a spot and a stain. A spot refers to any foreign substance, such as soil or liquid, that can be removed by standard cleaning methods. It is located on or around the carpet fiber. On the other hand, a stain is a foreign material that has penetrated the fiber, causing damage or alteration that cannot be removed by usual cleaning methods. Some stains may be particularly troublesome or even impossible to remove. If we cannot remove a stain, it may not be possible to remove it at all.

After Cleaning, Would It Be Advisable to Have a Fabric Protector Applied?

It is generally advisable to reapply protector after a professional carpet cleaning in order to restore the original stain resistance as recommended by most carpet manufacturers. In fact, some manufacturers may even require it as a condition of the carpet warranty.

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