Preparing for a Hassle-Free Cleaning: What You Need to Know

Efficiency and effectiveness are key to a successful cleaning process, and your pre-arrival preparations play a vital role. To ensure a seamless and thorough cleaning experience, we kindly ask for your cooperation in following these essential steps. By doing so, you help us achieve optimal cleaning results. Here’s a breakdown of what’s required:

Vacuuming Boosts Results:

Dust, dirt, and hair tend to accumulate over time on carpets, furniture, and area rugs. While we'll perform vacuuming as part of our process, we strongly recommend that you conduct an initial vacuum before our arrival. Dry particles make up more than 80% of all dirt, and pre-vacuuming significantly enhances the overall outcome.

Convenient Parking:

Securing a suitable and legal parking space for our compact van upon our arrival is essential. If you're located in a city center or have specific street parking arrangements, kindly inform us beforehand for smooth planning. Moreover, ensure the path from our parking spot to your front door is free of snow and ice, ensuring our safe and unhindered access to your premises.

Ready the Cleaning Space:

Before we begin, please ensure the floor is free from small items such as lamps, plants, electronics, and delicate objects. Safely store them to prevent any potential damage during cleaning. While we can effortlessly handle most furniture like tables, chairs, and sofas, larger items such as non-rolling beds, entertainment units, dressers, or china cabinets may need to remain in place, especially if you have no plans to move them soon. Rest assured, we'll meticulously clean around them. Hot water extraction is a must to ensure your floors are left in the best possible condition.

Pet Comfort:

During the cleaning process, we kindly request you to make arrangements to keep your pets in a safe and comfortable area. Our equipment might generate noise, which could be unsettling for your furry companions. Additionally, there may be instances when we need to step out temporarily.

We appreciate the time you’ve taken to ready your space before our arrival. Your collaboration and assistance in these preparations empower us to deliver top-notch service and exceptional cleaning outcomes. We eagerly anticipate creating a fresh and immaculate environment for you.

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